IHRSA 2014: Eye-Catching Equipment

March 24, 2014

See the equipment and equipment trends that caught my attention, and had me scratching my head in some cases.

As I walked the trade show floor at last week’s IHRSA Show, I was not so much interested in seeing the latest and greatest in treadmills and ellipticals, etc.  Instead, I was interested in seeing the “other [...]

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GymValet in the News(paper)!

January 2, 2014

Let’s play the GymValet version of “Where’s Waldo!
Recently, my good friend, Dr. Franklin Marcus, sent me a clipping from the Health section of the December 11th edition of the San Francisco Chronicle.  Dr. Marcus wanted me to read an excerpt from a medical news brief.  I couldn’t help but notice on the same page was [...]

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Biggest Loser “Winners” Work Out on NuStep

December 10, 2013

…at the 2013 Athletic Business Conference!

You never know who you’ll run into on the floor  of a trade show, and the recently concluded Athletic Business Conference, in San Diego, provided me with the thrill of meeting two contestants from one of my favorite reality shows–The Biggest Loser.  If you know me, you know I “pound,  [...]

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Magic Johnson at ABC 2013.

November 26, 2013

Magic Being Magic in Pix & Video (below).
I was excited to see Friday’s keynote speaker at the 2013 Athletic Business conference, in San Diego.  The speaker was none other than Magic Johnson: Hall of Fame basketball player; successful businessman; HIV survivor (thus far).  When  he walked on the stage to a rousing standing ovation, you [...]

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Kennedy Close-Up

November 22, 2013

I’m 58 years old.  So, yes, I do remember:
Fifty years ago today, as I sat in my third grade classroom–it was a cold and gloomy Friday–when Bob the (school’s) janitor came into the room announcing that the President had been shot and killed.  I can’t quite recall the immediate reaction of my classmates, teacher, and [...]

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2013 Flu Epidemic: Are Health Clubs Responding??

January 13, 2013

“Flu reaches epidemic level in U.S., says CDC”
Just a quick post of  concern regarding the epidemic levels of seasonal flu that are being reported on and through most every news outlet every day.  Seasonal flu outbreaks are quite normal this time of year–affecting many people in almost every state in the US–but the reports state [...]

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GymValet Reappears on The Bigget Loser!

January 9, 2013

On the Woodway Curve In Dolvett’s Dungeon!
Once again, there I was on my couch, doing my professional “homework” watching the new season of  The Biggest Loser, and there it was–GymValet!!  This time it was on a Woodway Curve treadmill in Dolvett’s Dungeon; some dungeon–blue skies and a beautiful view of Southern California greenery.  Do you [...]

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Good Greens Bars Revisited – Remarkable!!

October 31, 2012

New Pumpkin Spice Bar Added to Stellar Line-Up.
Last year at about this time I introduced you to a new line of nutrition bars–Good Greens Bars.  With another year under their belt, Good Greens continues to amaze and impress with their delicious, high-quality and VERY reasonably priced bar-line.

When was the last time you consumed a bar [...]

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Ode to the GymValet – Long Live the King of the Holders!

July 6, 2012

…but not too long!
I always appreciate the opportunity to check-in on facilities that have and use the GymValet–that’s good customer service!!  When I’m on site, I go around to each GymValet, give them a little “tug” and, if necessary, fine tune the attachment to return the GymValet to its original upright and rock-solid placement.  NOTE: [...]

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GymValet vs. the Rest – IHRSA 2012

March 21, 2012

My “State of the Holder” Address:
Here at GymValet, I am very proud of the unique niche the GymValet is filling for health and fitness facilities of all types and sizes across the US, Canada and around the world.  The GymValet is the perfect holder for the cleaning supplies used to clean/sanitize cardio. and strength equipment [...]

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