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Spread Fitness… Not Germs

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Holder for Sanitizer Spray Bottles & Towels
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Features & Benefits

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Clean and Convenient
The GymValet provides one-step-away equipment cleaning and sanitizing accessibility which can result in the best possible protection for your facility's investment in its members and equipment.

Attaches Anywhere
GymValet fits a wide variety of equipment frame shapes, and angles, up to 16-inches in circumference. GymValet stays securely in place with no slipping or sliding.

No Tools Required
No tools are required to install GymValet to fitness equipment. A patented attachment fitting and straps make installation a breeze.

Easy On, Easy Off
GymValet’s unique design facilitates easy installation, repositioning or removal with no tools required and no damage to equipment.

Rotating Towel Hook
The GymValet’s multi-position towel hook can be attached (and easily repositioned) to any one of nine positions.

Multi-Size Bottle Holder
GymValet can accommodate round-bottle sizes up to 32 ounces.

Economic Advantages


With the GymValet you can optimize the economic and operational efficiency and effectiveness of your equipment cleaning system. You’ll contribute positively to your bottom line and not the landfill!

We studied all of the costs associated with the installation and regular use of three commonly used equipment cleaning systems:

GymValet reusable towel + spray bottle
Disposable roll paper towels + spray bottles
Disposable pre-moistened wipes.

Our research showed that the set-up costs for all three systems were very comparable. With regular use, however, the difference in system costs was extremely significant!

GymValet commitment to hygiene

Read about
The Science Behind the GymValet

More Information

CDC streamlines COVID-19 guidance to help the public better protect themselves and understand their risk (Updated August 11, 2022)

Guidance for Protecting Each Other from COVID-19 (Updated September 6, 2022)  

Commitment to Hygiene

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GymValet and COVID-19 + Variants
One of the few encouraging aspects during the COVID pandemic (trending towards endemic) outbreak is that the COVID-19 virus is — as an enveloped virus – among the easiest to kill. Although enveloped virus particles are able to stick to surfaces, they can easily be inactivated with disinfectants.

What disinfectant should you use? 
GymValet recommends using quaternary ammonium compounds which are widely used in hospitals as disinfectants. Quats. are considered to be the best, and safest, disinfectant to use in the fitness center setting.

The GymValet has been scientifically tested to demonstrate that combination of a high quality sanitizing solution and terry-hand towels for wiping will minimize your members' risk of germ/virus contact and ensure that your equipment remains clean and safe.​


Commitment to Hygiene
GymValet on series of cardio machines


No tools are required to install the GymValet to fitness equipment. A patented attachment fitting and Velcro straps attachment system make installation a breeze.

The GymValet helps protect your facility’s investment in both your members and your equipment.

With the GymValet you can optimize the economic and operational efficiency and effectiveness of your equipment cleaning system.

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An introduction to the GymValet (:36)

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Installing your GymValet (:49)

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How to clean with your GymValet System (5:21)

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GymValet mounted on wall

"I first noticed GymValet during the summer of 2019 at Cuyahoga Community College [CCC] - East Campus.  I was impressed with the lay out.  I paid attention as each guest seamlessly used the solution and towel to wipe down their equipment.  As the Manager of Athletics, Recreation, and Wellness – [CCC]  Metro Campus, getting GymValet installed at Metro Campus became my TOP priority.  We are [now] satisfied GymValet clients, and we are looking forward to a long fruitful relationship!"

Anthony Franklin, MBA

Manager, Athletics, Wellness and Community Recreation

Cuyahoga Community College -  Metro Campus

GV at Tri-C Metro.jpg

Dr. Bruce Sherman (center) visits newly installed GymValet system at CCC Metro Campus.  With Community Rec. Coordinator Tyronne Hayes (L) and Anthony Franklin (R)

“GymValet is super helpful! Everywhere our members turn, the sanitizing supplies are right there. GymValet gives our members the confidence that they are working out in a clean and safe environment. GymValet represents a golden opportunity for us to raise the level of confidence our members and potential members have – and will have – in us.”

Joey Motsay, Owner, Positive Stress Workout, 
Greensboro, NC

“Our patients and clients feel so blessed by what the GymValet equipment cleaning and sanitizing system offers.  The convenient access to equipment cleaning supplies that the GymValet provides gives them a positive feeling of safety during their training sessions. People know that everything (every piece of equipment) can be sanitized immediately before and after use.” 

Michael R. Lee, MA, Owner, Acorn PT
Arnold, CA

“Thanks, Dr. Bruce! Big help in getting our facilities to open [safely] after the COVID-19 closure.”

Ross Rodriguez, Sr. Associate Director, Facility Operations
The University of Texas, Austin, TX

“I am very pleased with your products and service.  During the start of the pandemic I purchased several GymValets, sanitizing solution and towels. The [pandemic] closure gave me time to make some changes in the studio. The best change was adding Gym Valets.  When my clients returned the GymValets were the first thing they noticed…the spray bottles and sanitizing solution were always close by and convenient. Everyone wanted to take part in keeping everything clean and safe. The GymValet has changed the way my studio runs…for the better. Thank you again.” 

Jeff Kramer, Owner, PTX Personal Training  
Virginia Beach, VA

“We love our GymValets and the [customer] service is impeccable! Thank you!”

Tammi Kaman, US Navy MWR
Mid-Atlantic Region

“Huge fans of the GymValet.  Thanks for helping us keep our facility clean and safe.”

Emily Walker, Asst. Director, Wellness, Intramurals & Facilities
Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL

Additional customer comments:


“GymValet passes [our facility’s] strict standards for both cleanliness and environmental friendliness.”

“GymValet system was the answer to achieving clean and sanitary equipment and saving money.”

“GymValets…fit perfectly on all of our cardio machines and add an element of [equipment sanitizing] style and convenience to our fitness center.”

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Equipment Cleaning System
Multiple GymValets mounted on machines

The GymValet Equipment Cleaning System offers the best selection of accessory products including: spray bottles, trigger sprayers (foaming and non-foaming), towels, cleaning solution and hand sanitizer on the market — all at very competitive prices. 

Equipment Cleaning System

GymValet cleaning system
GymValet components.jpg
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