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Dr. Bruce Sherman is the innovator of the unique fitness product, the GymValet. Bruce received his Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from Kent State University, and has over twenty-five years experience in the fitness industry as a fitness center director, personal trainer and coach. He also has extensive experience in corporate wellness, including developing an on-site wellness assessment program. Through his program, he evaluated employees on their current health and fitness status, then educated the employees on leading a healthier lifestyle, and guided the employer on providing a healthier work environment.

Bruce's unique strengths and passions are in the areas of physical fitness training, coaching and education, as well as in the innovation of fitness related products. His vision is to revolutionize the fitness accessory industry by developing products that make the workout/exercise experience more efficient, effective, safe, and enjoyable.

The GymValet was developed based on Dr. Sherman's observation that there was a need for a product to make it easier and more convenient for exercisers to sanitize fitness equipment. Based on years of experience, Bruce felt that the "systems" fitness centers used to aid members' efforts to clean equipment were either non-existent, or very inconvenient. He also noticed that exercisers had no convenient or safe place to put their personal effects 'primarily their water bottle and towel' while they worked out. Generally, THE FLOOR was the overall collecting-ground for cleaning supplies and personal effects. He knew there HAD TO BE A BETTER WAY!!!

Dr. Bruce Sherman
Dr. Bruce Sherman
Most fitness facilities had sanitizing "policies" in place; they just fell short on providing their members with a convenient way to comply with the policies.

Exercisers had no convenient place for their personal water bottles or towels.

Upon assuming the position as Director of a major fitness center, Dr. Sherman began pursuing "a better way." Now, the PROBLEM BECAME HIS PROBLEM. He observed the frustration his members felt during their workout about having to use equipment that had not been sanitized by the previous user. At his center, the spray bottles and towels were strewn all over the floor or placed on remote shelves or windowsills. The system he inherited presented both a safety issue, and a convenience issue and the net result was that "the system" was sorely underused.

Bruce immediately set out to solve the problem. Surely a product existed that could be attached directly to every piece of equipment. He wanted to put the sanitizing solution right at hand. He was shocked to find out the product did not exist. So, with necessity being the mother of invention, Bruce decided to develop/invent the product 'a bottle and towel holder' that could be conveniently and cost-effectively attached to every type/piece of strength or cardiovascular fitness equipment.

After a snowy, inventive, Saturday afternoon trip to the PVC aisle in the plumbing section at Home Depot, Bruce assembled the prototype of what would become the GymValet. Immediately upon installation of the prototypes, fitness consumers noticed and appreciated the convenience the holders provided for cleaning equipment. Dr. Sherman's staff also reported a dramatic increase in compliance with the center's equipment sanitizing policies.

As an added bonus, members also began using the GymValet as a handy place to store their personal water bottles and towels as they went through their workouts.

After eighteen months of refining the product, Dr. Sherman finalized the patent pending design of the GymValet and brought it to the market. The GymValet is now available for everyone's use.

For more information about the features and benefits of the GymValet, click here see to Product Information.

Look for new innovative fitness accessory products from B & D Specialty Concepts in the near future.

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