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How to Effectively and Safely Sanitize Equipment Surfaces

How Does the GymValet Help Exercisers?
How Does the GymValet Benefit Fitness Centers or Clubs?
How Does the GymValet Benefit Save Me Money?

How Does the GymValet Help Exercisers?
When exercisers want to sanitize a piece of fitness equipment before or after using it, they often have to either:
A) Walk across the fitness center hunting for sanitizing supplies.
B) Worry about tripping on the supplies that are often haphazardly strewn on the floor between equipment.
C) Exercise on an unclean machine because sanitizing supplies are either hard to find, too far away, or totally unavailable.

With the GymValet, exercisers appreciate the convenience of having sanitizing supplies within arm’s reach. It makes their workout safer, more efficient and more enjoyable. They appreciate the ability to work out on clean equipment.

Exercisers can also enjoy using the GymValet as a handy container for their personal water bottle and towel. They no longer have to place their personal effects on the floor and/or drape their towel over a piece of equipment. They won’t have to interrupt their workout to quench their thirst, or wipe themselves off because their personal supplies are conveniently, within arm’s reach. Additionally, when they are finished with the equipment, they don’t have to worry about tripping over their personal items that were previously strewn on the floor. (top)

How Does the GymValet Benefit Fitness Centers or Clubs?
With installation of the GymValet, fitness facilities will experience dramatic improvements in members’ compliance with equipment cleaning and sanitizing policies. Exercisers appreciate the added cleanliness, and fitness centers experience improved operating efficiency.

Affixing the GymValet to each piece of equipment, or placing the GymValet amid machine “clusters” to provide “one-step-away” accessibility helps protect a facility’s investment in both its members and its equipment.

Members appreciate not having to hunt for sanitizing supplies, or trip over them as they move through their workout. They also really enjoy being able to place their personal water bottles and towels within arms reach.

When the GymValet is attached directly to a piece of equipment, our research has shown that members are much more likely to use the supplies provided by facilities to sanitize the machines; this creates a better workout atmosphere for all exercisers. It’s safer to have the sanitizing supplies and/or water bottles in holders affixed to the machines rather than strewn across the floor where liability becomes an issue.

When exercisers place their personal towel on the “front” crossbar of a piece of cardiovascular equipment, such as a treadmill or an elliptical, the facility runs the risk of exercisers falling off the equipment if the towel falls “underfoot”. The GymValet addresses this safety issue with a multi-position hook that securely holds an exerciser’s personal towel in place throughout the workout. The towel hook can be conveniently located off to the side of the piece of equipment, reducing liability and protecting a facilities investment in their exercisers. Displaying the GymValet shows the exerciser that their facility cares about their safety and comfort.

Fitness Centers and Clubs are often looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competition. Our experience has shown that when exercisers are offered the luxury of having a convenient place for their personal water bottle and towels on all equipment, they are very appreciative; the result is that facilities will experience higher member satisfaction and retention, as well as having a drawing-card for new member attraction.

Because of the unique design of the GymValet it fits all frame shapes and angles of cardiovascular and strength training equipment. It stays securely in place, even on actively used/vibrating pieces such as a treadmill or elliptical. The GymValet is a ‘one stop shopping’ solution that can benefit the entire facility. (top)

Equipment Cleaning Economics
Why do we say that the GymValet Equipment Cleaning System is the most cost effective cleaning system available? Consider the facts (see chart below):

• GymValet start up cost is based on: 8 GymValets, 8 spray bottles, 24 towels, and 2 gallons cleaning solution.
• GymValet annual total includes towel washing and drying costs.
• Roll paper start up cost: 4 dispensers, 2 cases paper towels, 8 spray bottles, and 2 gallons cleaning solution.
• Disposable wipes start-up cost: 4-700 count containers, 4 holder-stands w/wastebaskets.
• Annual GymValet and paper-based cleaning system totals include cleaning solution costs.

We studied ALL of the costs associated with the installation and regular use of three commonly used equipment cleaning systems: 1) GymValet reusable towel + spray bottle, 2) Disposable roll paper towels + spray bottles, and 3) Disposable pre-moistened wipes.

Our research showed that the set-up costs for all three systems were very comparable. With regular use, however, the difference in system costs was extremely significant! Disposable roll paper systems cost from four to seven times as much the GymValet system. The disposable pre-moistened wipes system cost a staggering ELEVEN times as much as the GymValet system!!

In these challenging economic times, can you afford to spend up to eleven times more on an equipment cleaning system than you have to? Additionally, you cannot lose sight of the environmental impact of a disposables-based system. Single-use wipes and paper towels will most likely end up in the land fill. Disposable wipes are made from synthetic fibers that are practically impossible to biodegrade.

With the GymValet you can optimize the economic and operational efficiency and effectiveness of your equipment cleaning system. You’ll contribute positively to your bottom line, and not the land fill! (top)

Frustrated members want a place for their
personal items.

Fitness center and club owners/managers are frustrated with the lack of member compliance with equipment sanitizing policies. They are also frustrated with the mess and safety concerns associated with having supplies strewn all over the floor. Members are frustrated that they don’t have a convenient place to store their personal water bottles and towels—up to now, their only solution has been to place them on the floor, exacerbating the safety issues.

Finally, there is a solution to the problem—the GymValet. Because there is a lot of demand for this type of product, resellers have a great opportunity. Fitness Centers and clubs will be thrilled to be introduced to the GymValet. We have not been to a fitness center or club yet that has not immediately recognized the benefits of this product.

The GymValet is a great add-on solution for both strength and cardiovascular training equipment. It can serve as an addition to new equipment purchases or as an add-on to equipment currently being used in the field. Suppliers can provide the GymValet in fitness equipment accessory packages as well. (top)


Hygiene Information

What is the current state of hygiene in fitness centers?
Why should fitness facilities have an effective equipment-cleaning program?
Is it safe to reuse the same towel to clean off equipment?
How is the GymValet good for the environment?
Fast Facts About Staph. Infections - Are You At Risk?

What is the current state of hygiene in fitness centers?
Recent publications and television exposes, such as a segment presented on Primetime Live, on January 13, 2005, identify cleanliness as a major concern at health clubs both in terms of member safety, and member attraction and retention.

Fitness equipment has the potential to harbor germs and bacteria! Poor sanitizing is not only aesthetically displeasing, it also increases the chance for the growth and spread of germs and bacteria. Unfortunately, a convenient, easily accessible system to achieve and facilitate consistently high levels of cleanliness and sanitizing compliance has been lacking. (top)

Why should fitness facilities have an effective equipment-cleaning program?
A facility that has an established equipment sanitizing system, backed by clearly stated and visibly posted policies, sends a message that it cares about its members' well being and satisfaction. Member satisfaction, retention, and attraction are the bottom line. Exercisers appreciate the ability to work out on clean, sanitary equipment. This is best accomplished through members participating in the process. (top)

Is it safe to reuse the same towel to clean off equipment?
Dr. Bruce Sherman, the developer of the GymValet, conducted an objective scientific study aimed at assessing the bacteria count on towels used in gyms to sanitize equipment.

This study was conducted in a very busy gym using two adjacent pieces of equipment. Dr. Sherman and the Director of the microbiologic analytic laboratory strictly monitored the conditions and protocol of the study.

One machine used the GymValet to hold the sanitizing spray bottle and a terry hand-towel (Machine A). The other machine had a GymValet with just a terry hand-towel (Machine B). Exercisers on Machine A were instructed to wipe the machine after each use, using the sanitizing solution and towel that were provided. Exercisers on Machine B were instructed to wipe the machine after each use using only the towel.

A CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) approved laboratory analyzed all samples for bacterial organisms commonly cited to be present in a fitness center setting.

Findings: Based on our study, the results showed that a towel that is repeatedly exposed to disinfectant solution (Machine A) when being used to sanitize fitness equipment contains 75% less bacterial organisms than a towel that is used to wipe down equipment without exposure to disinfectant spray (Machine B).

The microbiologist concluded from this study that a towel which was repeatedly exposed to biologic material and a disinfectant solution was safe for repeated use. This means exercisers can feel comfortable reusing towels provided by fitness centers to sanitize equipment between uses/users. (top)

How is the GymValet good for the environment?
The GymValet provides an option for fitness centers to have a convenient cleaning and sanitizing system for members that creates no paper waste.

Did you know that the average roll of single-use pre-moistened wipes creates approximately 300 square feet of paper waste? An average-size fitness center with good member compliance on equipment sanitizing could create over 3500 sq. ft. of paper towel waste in an average week. In a little over two months the paper waste would cover a football field. In five years you could cover every football field in the NFL. (top)


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