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Customer Comments

We use GymValet in all of our 26 clubs...the best [equipment cleaning] product you can find on the market.
Azzan Al Barran, Managing Director, Horizon Fitness, Oman

Great product. Our clients like it and they get the point. Our Environmental people like them, too.   The GymValet passes their strict standards for both cleanliness and environmental (friendliness).
Kennedy Space Center Fitness Center

I did the math, and made the switch. The GymValet system was the answer to achieve clean and sanitary equipment and save money (versus wipes and paper towels). We have had no problems with our exercisers switching to a reusable towel-based cleaning system.
Doug Strange, Director, Lehigh University Fitness Center

We are very pleased with the addition of the GymValets to our equipment. They fit perfectly on all of our cardio machines and add an element of style and convenience to our fitness center.
RPAC Fitness Center Manager, The Ohio State University

The GymValets have been great for our clubs. GymValets are handy and simple. We used to lose bottles. Members appreciate them. Members take pride…they clean the equipment and return the bottles to the GymValets. Members won’t walk to the corner to get a spray bottle. If it’s there, they will do it. Members use it before exercising to give them the confidence (of working out on a clean piece of equipment). GymValet is a proactive cleaning system. Members take pride in our equipment.
Sam Suddeth, Owner, French Riviera Spas

I just want to let you know how much I love your product. I have been in the Fitness Industry for 13 years and have owned/operated several facilities. The gym valet keeps our cleaning solutions organized and handy. Most importantly, we don't have any more broken spray bottles! Thank you for making such a great product! GymValet is the perfect product to help keep equipment clean and members happy!
Joe Amecangelo, Centrex Sports Club-Owner/Operator, Middletown, NJ 

I just wanted to say thank you for developing the GymValet! We have been using them in the Middleburg Hts. Community Center since the beginning of the year and our members (and staff) absolutely love them. I've heard more than one person say that they are more apt to clean the machines since they are conveniently located throughout our fitness area! I recommend the GymValet to any fitness director who wants to have a safe and clean workout atmosphere!
Steve Dockman, Middleburg Hts. Community Center

The GymValets have been especially useful because they can be hung just about anywhere.  Our gym is in a 172 year old building and hanging things from the walls (stone or plaster) isn't always an option.  Thank you!

Lynn Hatleback, Club Manager, Real Health & Fitness Center, Cedarburg, WI

Since we’ve had them it’s made a difference in the appearance of the Center. It looks neater, and is so convenient. I just love them.
University of Texas Health Science Center

I got the Valets up. It is going to be so nice not having bottles on the floor and thus the lack of spills.
Cuyahoga Community College Western Campus

Thank you for inventing the GymValet! We absolutely love them. They are a fabulous addition to our facility and our members love their convenience. They look great and help keep our facility looking great.
Westerville Athletic Club

I have installed the GymValets in our YMCA fitness center without any problem.
Our staff and members love them.
Hamilton Area YMCA, NJ

Everything arrived just fine. I received the bottles today so we are up and running.
The place already looks cleaner.
Arrowhead Country Club, AZ

This is the best product in a long time. I am very pleased with our purchase.
University Fitness

We've received a lot of compliments on the GymValets. They're great!
Forum Fitness, NC (Fayetville)

Love them!  Fantastic!  Members use them…that’s the important thing.
Justin Tamsett, Owner

Active Health Club, Australia




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