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10 Reasons to Choose GymValet Buy the Gymvalet Now!

Fitness center owners and directors recognize the benefits of enabling members to clean and sanitize exercise equipment before and/or after each use. Here are the top 10 reasons why fitness centers embrace the GymValet Equipment Cleaning System:

1. The cost of losing 1 member due to dirty and sweaty equipment) far exceeds the cost of installing the GymValet system.

2. Industry research cites one of the top reasons members switch clubs is due to unclean equipment.

3. GymValet is not a budget buster. You can outfit your entire fitness center with the GymValet System for a fraction of the cost of one piece of equipment.  

4. The GymValet system eliminates the high cost of disposable paper-based cleaning systems which eat up your profits. NOTE: If you are NOT currently spending a lot on money on replenishing paper-based products, your customers are not using your current cleaning system!

5. Industry experts note that "Sweat is the acid rain of the fitness industry." The GymValet is the best guarantee you have to protect your investment your expensive equipment and your members.

6. Most clubs post signage requesting that members clean equipment after each use. The GymValet makes it easier for members to comply with these rules.   Don't waste your members' workout time by offering a remotely located system.

7. Industry experts cite equipment cleanliness as a key factor for improving member retention, attraction and referrals.

8. The GymValet enables your members to clean their equipment so your staff can focus on helping members with their fitness program, instead of emptying trash cans full of disposable wipes and paper towels.

9. Locker room chat can kill a center's reputation. If your members are talking about your unclean equipment you're in trouble.

10. GymValet creates a neat and tidy look for your fitness center.



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