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How to Order Your GymValets


Click on any “Order” button on the GymValet website to go to our product page. Choose any item and click "Place Order."  Modify quantity as needed.  Click "Continue Shopping" to add more items.  Click "Checkout" when finished shopping.

International Orders: 

NOTE: Orders from outside the US cannot be placed through the GymValet website.  Call us either directly at 1.216.378.4298, or email us at for more information and/or to place you order.


Call toll free 1.866.435.2009. Outside the United States, call 1.216.378.4298.

Purchase Orders: 

To purchase with a purchase order, please contact us directly by phone (1.866.435.2009; outside the US 1.216.378.4298) or by email (

Payment (U.S. dollars): 

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover.  
Checks are only accepted with purchase orders.


Items are shipped via Fedex Ground and should arrive within 5 business days of our receipt.

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