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Order your GymValets now!

Combination bottle and towel holder. Easily installs without tools.  Instructions included. Take advantage of our limited time 30% Off Special Pricing on GymValets.  OFFER ENDS FEBRUARY 28, 2023.  Buy now!

Cleaning Solution Concentrate.jpg
Sanitizing Solution

Quat-based sanitizing solution concentrate with 5:1 dilution ratio.

+PRICE - Sanitizing Solution.jpg
32-Ounce Spray Bottle.jpg
Spray Bottle

32-Ounce spray bottle

+PRICE - Foaming Trigger.jpg
Trigger Sprayer.jpg
Standard Trigger

Standard Spray Bottle Trigger.
Available in red, white, blue and black.

+PRICE - Foaming Trigger.jpg
Foaming Trigger Sprayer.jpg
Foaming Trigger

Foaming Spray Bottle Trigger (green only)

PRICE+ - Foaming Trigger.jpg
+PRICE - Foaming Trigger.jpg
Dilution Container.jpg
Dilution Container

5-Gallon dilution container

+PRICE - Dilution Container.jpg
Large Economy Hand Towels.jpg
Large Economy Hand Towels

Larger size (14×26 in) economy hand towel

Color: white

+PRICE - Large Economy Hand Towels.jpg
Large Premium Hand Towels.jpg
Large Premium Hand Towels

Larger size (14×26 in) premium hand towel

Color: white

White Premium Towels Update _04-06-22.jpg
Large Premium Colored Hand Towels.jpg
Large Premium Colored Hand Towels

Large size (14×26 in.) 

Colors: black, brown, burgundy, dark green, light green, navy blue, teal & vanilla.

Colored Towels Price Update_04-06-22.jpg
Microfiber Hand Towels.jpg
Microfiber Hand Towels

Quick drying. Lint free. 14 in × 14 in

Colors:  dark gray, brown, blue, red, dark green, orange, purple & yellow

+PRICE - Microfiber Hand Towels.jpg
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