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The Science Behind the GymValet

Health and fitness club industry research has identified cleanliness as a deciding factor in member attraction and retention as well as member safety. Recent research from the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association found that 90% of members were more likely to renew their membership if their club maintained high standards of cleanliness.  

Many people join gyms for the equipment.  Therefore, keeping equipment clean and sanitized is a top priority for many clubs.  Positioning sanitizing supplies within easy reach of exercise equipment is the best way to ensure that your equipment is sanitized before and after each use.  

Scientific Study

GymValet studied two adjacent pieces of equipment at the same gym. One machine used the GymValet to hold the sanitizing spray bottle and a terry-hand towel (Machine A). The second machine had a GymValet with just a terry-hand towel (Machine B). 

Exercisers on Machine A were instructed to wipe the machine after each use, using the sanitizing solution and towel that were provided. Exercisers on Machine B were instructed to wipe the machine after each use using only the towel.

The results?  A Clinical Laboratory Improvement

Amendments (CLIA)-approved laboratory analyzed all samples. The towels from Machine A, using the GymValet spray and towel, contained 75% less bacterial organisms than Machine B which used only the towel without disinfectant spray. The microbiologist concluded from this study that a towel that was repeatedly exposed to a disinfectant solution was safe for repeated use. 

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